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Our commitment to being in tune with the environment and sustainability standards lies at the heart of our group.  At KÓMMA group we see people as the core of our business. Future generations depend on the sustainable work we do today.


We take care of our team by paying fair wages, giving flexibility and encouraging personal development. A strict zero discrimination policy underscores our organisation's commitment to inclusivity and non-discrimination. With various sponsorships and donations, we are continuously supporting local initiatives.

We strongly disagree with wasteful and unethical practices in hospitality which we see in the industry every day. Our chefs and mixologists use fresh, local and organic produce that is in season. By offering a huge plant-based selection on all our menus, providing eco-friendly compostable packaging and reducing waste wherever possible we are drastically lowering our carbon footprint.


We are always looking for practices to be a little greener, kinder and fairer. Contact us if you have any feedback or input about this topic. 

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